capital improvements plan造句


  1. The initial phase of the capital improvements plan cost $ 37 million.
  2. The town's Capital Improvement Plan included funding for its renovation.
  3. In 1976 a renovated secure detention center was authorized under a capital improvement plan.
  4. The agency's large capital improvement plan raised its debt obligations during the 1980s.
  5. One major focus of the capital improvement plan was to enhance Detroit's international gateway.
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  7. Main is one of the stations on the CTA's 2004-2008 Capital Improvement Plan.
  8. Dempster is now one of the stations on the CTA's 2004-2008 Capital Improvement Plan.
  9. Under the guidance of athletic director John Kasser, a $ 50 million capital improvement plan is being implemented.
  10. As mayor, Bartlett led an effort to reduce violent crime and adopted a $ 5 billion capital improvements plan.
  11. The airport initiated CAK 2018, its 10-year, $ 110 million Capital Improvement Plan in March 2008.
  12. Such projects are often governed by a Capital Improvement Plan which adds certain auditing capabilities and restrictions to the process.
  13. A $ 14 million capital improvements plan during the 1980s, however, put a fresher baseball face on the indoor stadium.
  14. During his 14-year tenure as president, he implemented the $ 112 million capital improvement plan secured by his predecessor.
  15. The five-year capital improvement plan suddenly created by the mayor and his Board of Education majority also invites skeptical political analysis.
  16. Capital budgets are often adjusted annually ( done every year ) and should be part of a longer-term Capital Improvements Plan.
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