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  1. Executive Officer Captain Craig Clapperton assumed command after Captain Tushar Tembe's death.
  2. Captains Craig and Strub and Lt Clark worked with Aeronutronic on the project.
  3. Requiring 158 to win, Central was 73 for two at stumps with captain Craig
  4. Blues captain Craig Dowd said the respective front rows failed to settle into the game.
  5. Captain Craig de Goldi, Chris Masoe, newcomer Nick Evans and Ross Martin scored once each.
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  7. Alternate captain Craig Ludwig said the team will be happy to get Hatcher back on the ice.
  8. The pick of the Yorkshire bowling was captain Craig White with 4 for 14 in 4 overs.
  9. Sheriff's Investigator Captain Craig Apple said Phelan used his own cash or credit cards to purchase airline tickets.
  10. One piece of consolation came with captain Craig Elvin winning the Jimmy Rooney man of the match award.
  11. Captain Craig Cumming top-scored with 86 while Harley James, playing his maiden first-class match, was unbeaten on 50.
  12. Soon after Tembe's death Captain Dee Mewbourne assumed command and Captain Craig Clapperton resumed his position as Executive Officer.
  13. "RPI didn't beat us with any of their moves, they just got the bounces, " said Harvard captain Craig Adams.
  14. Northern Districts was 121 for one at stumps with captain Craig Spearman unbeaten on 65 and Mathew Sinclair not out 28.
  15. Squadron " X " consisted of 320 enlisted men and 55 officers under the command of Captain Craig M . Yengst.
  16. "It was close at the end with RPI finally taking advantage of its power play, " said Harvard captain Craig Adams.
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