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  1. It can cause destruction to the skin immediately surrounding it and even to the cartilage and bone , but it is unlikely to spread to other parts of the body
  2. Research interest : skeletal development and the growth plate , extracellular matrix and cartilage tissue engineering , mechanical regulation of cartilage and bone , osteoarthritis and other joint degenerative diseases during aging
  3. Such cells are being tested by a number of researchers for their ability to grow fat , cartilage and bone on special biomaterial - based scaffolding , with the goal of producing soft tissue for reconstruction or augmentation , or to shore up bones left fragile by age or disease
  4. Human bone morphogenetic protein 3 is a member of tgf - b superfamily . lt can induce the differentiation of cartilage and bone tissue in mesenchymal cell . and is important to bone self - repairment and bone development during embryo morphogenesis . in addition , some other biological activities of hbmp - 3 have also been found . such as inducing development of embryo and stimulating differentiation of neural and blood cells . therefore , there is a great prospect in the use of hbmp - 3 . there is trace content of hbmp - 3 in human body . it has been expressed in the expression system of eukaryotes and prokaryotes respectively , but its application is restricted because of defects in the process and modification after translation in prokaryotic cells and higher costs and lower yields existed in eukaryotic expression system
    人骨形成蛋白3 ( hbmp - 3 )属于tgf -超家族的一员,可以诱导间充质细胞分化为软骨和骨,在胚胎时期骨骼发育和骨再生修复中起着重要的作用,而且对胚胎发育过程中中胚层的诱导和分化、造血组织的发育以及神经系统的发育和修复等都起着重要作用,因而hbmp - 3有广阔的市场前景。它在人体内含量极微,尽管研究人员已经在原核细胞和真核细胞表达系统中分别进行了表达,但是由于原核表达系统缺乏翻译后的加工修饰,真核表达系统存在成本高、产量低等特点,限制了其在临床上的应用。
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