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  1. He loved higginbotham s cash store as some men loved their wives
  2. The upstairs he could rent , and the whole ground - floor of both buildings would be higginbotham s cash store
  3. He was fulfilling his duty as a citizen and bringing up a large family . and there was higginbotham s cash store , that monument of his own industry and ability
  4. Hialeah gardens , florida ( ap ) - - two men robbed an armored truck of $ 1 . 8 million as it delivered money to a check cashing store wednesday , authorities said
    Hialeah gardens佛罗里达(美联社) - -警方消息,两个抢匪从一辆驶往验钞站的装甲运钞车上抢走了180万美元。
  5. He sat opposite bernard higginbotham at a heavy sunday dinner over higginbotham s cash store , and it was all he could do to restrain himself from shouting out : -
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  7. The cub had been industrious . he had scurried around and nosed out martin s family history , and procured a photograph of higginbotham s cash store with bernard higginbotham himself standing out in front
  8. As the car crossed the zone of scattered dwellings that separated oakland from berkeley , he kept a lookout for a familiar , two - story building along the front of which ran the proud sign , higginbotham s cash store
  9. To mr . higginbotham such a dinner was advertisement of his worldly achievement and prosperity , and he honored it by delivering platitudinous sermonettes upon american institutions and the opportunity said institutions gave to any hard - working man to rise - the rise , in his case , which he pointed out unfailingly , being from a grocer s clerk to the ownership of higginbotham s cash store


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