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  1. The anomaly here is that most national banks are cash strapped.
  2. Doing so would make Gardner too cash strapped to join the consortium.
  3. Banks went out of their way to restructure loans to cash strapped borrowers.
  4. Cash strapped developers started defaulting on loans.
  5. Analysts say Kulim is slightly cash strapped.
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  7. The Celtics are not cash strapped.
  8. Over the last few weeks, cash strapped investors had sold bonds to pay for the new issues.
  9. The largest criticism of the project lay in its heavy costs on the already cash strapped Tehran City.
  10. The state has assumed electricity purchases because no one has been willing to sell to the cash strapped utilities.
  11. In another quarterfinal, cash strapped Dundee reached the semifinal with a 1-0 semifinal victory over Hearts.
  12. The cash strapped West Coast Fever again kept their coach Jane Searle, and the core group of players.
  13. Indian Railways is cash strapped and reported a loss of in the passenger segment for the year ending March 2014.
  14. Minister of Transportation Haryanto Dhanutirto said the discounts were primarily aimed at helping the unemployed and cash strapped workers in Jakarta.
  15. This legislation helps our cash strapped school districts, cities, and counties in obtaining greater funding during difficult economic times.
  16. Cash strapped and devastated from nearly 44 months of war, Bosnia is still deeply divided and largely dependent on foreign aid.
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