cast equipment造句

"cast equipment"是什么意思   


  1. Code for construction and acceptance of casting equipment installation engineering
  2. Casting equipment of machine
  3. Die casting equipments
  4. Manufacturer of tesla and induction coils , furnaces and casting equipment for the dental and jewelry industry
  5. Our company has advanced and developed casting equipments and various machining equipments , with strong production technology and production capacity
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  7. Project containt : reforming the steel making and casting workshop , purchasing the steel makeing and casting equipment , establishing 4 sets of rolling mill production line
  8. Assists with film permits , budgeting , location scouts , casting equipment , personnel and logistics , a one - stop solution for all the production needs
  9. The company developed special magnesium melting furnace , protective gas , quantitative transport equipments , and vacuum casting equipments which can satisfy the production of various kinds ofmagne sium alloys
  10. In order to satisfy the customer demands on high productivity and high quality for continuous caster , modern continuous caster has made great developments in optimizing caster technology , high performace casting equipment , and process automation and so on
  11. We insist on " survival depending on quality " , and passed iso9001 , iso14001 , the products are approved by cnacl , dnv , bv , ccs , we always use advanced technology and equipments such as vacuum casting equipments from german hedrich company , foil winding machines , partial discharge detectors and lightning impulse voltage gener - ators , we shall provide our customers with super quality products and good service
  12. Some testing devices are of advanced ones , such as scanning electronic microscope , microfocus circular radioscope , water - immersed ultrasonic flaw detector , 3 - axis measuring machines , large - sized projector , etc . for the production of non - aero products , there are large - sized die - casting equipment , and nearly 100 pieces of specialized gear machine tools including worm - gear grinding machine , etc . it has some specialized production lines for piston , crankshaft , cylinder and housing , etc . , as well as 4 flexible production lines advanced at home for motorcycle engine , and a complete set of automatic inspection test eqiuipment for motorcycle engine
  13. The factory has been introducing advanced ptoduction line , cold & hot stopper die - casting equipment , shut door device automatic production machinery , highly precise internal / external circular grinding machine , data - control lathe , milling machine , stretch lathe , and puncher of different tonnage and spray paint for polishing


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