1. Cavitations of water pump and its installation level
  2. But the general used ski - jump energy dissipation scheme often causes a series of insurmountable difficulties , such as fogging , cavitations demolition , and bank scouring
  3. This paper presents a design method of propeller blade section operating in non - uniform flow field and an idea of equivalent operating curve with unchanged cavitations characteristic on blade section , the method for selecting the curve is set up
  4. Cavitations in foreign hydraulic turbines appear in clear water condition , so its destructive extent is not far more serious than in yellow river in our country . stronger stiffness and more agility are required for special - purpose robot for hydraulic turbine repair used in our country , especially robot for polishing after weld . foreign robot for hydraulic turbine repair could not satisfy our working require , so we develop special - purpose robot system that is used to polish and weld repair cavitated flow path surfaces of hydraulic turbines on all locations
    国外水电站的水轮机汽蚀是在清水条件下产生的,其破坏程度远不及我国黄河等水域严重,用于我国水轮机修复工作的专用机器人,特别是补焊后承担打磨的机器人,要求有更强的刚度和更大的灵活性,国外水轮机修复机器人满足不了我国水轮机修复工作要求,因此我们开发了用于在机坑内对水轮机空蚀磨损破坏表面进行修复的“水轮机修复专用机器人” 。
  5. Based on the comparison made among the characteristics of different kinds of the blade materials , the relationship between the material characters and the flow attack angle is explained , and then the breakage mechanism of the combined effects from both the clearance - cavitations and the erosion of leakage flow are expounded comprehensively
  6. It's difficult to find cavitations in a sentence. 用cavitations造句挺难的
  7. This paper present an ideal and calculation method of the effective operating curve where cavitations characteristic is not change . based on the lifting - line and lifting - surface method , using effective operating curve to control the cavitation type and " new section " design method to extend the width of cavitation bucket . the width will almost increase 30 % than the common section
  8. In order to increase the energy dissipation of stepped spillway at iarge unit discharge , the integhty dissipater of aerated splitter pier and steppe characteristics is studied . because of verticaj diffhaion now by aerated splitter and impachng steppe 3 by drop flow , the air concentration and the energy dissipation efficiency are greatly increased ; the potentiality of cavitations is decrease . in special at large unit discharge , this effect is more obvious
  9. The numerical simulation and experimental research made on the characteristics of the clearance cavitations in kaplan turbine are described herein ; in which the analysis mainly is concentrated on the characteristics of leakage - vortex caused by the flow of the clearance between blade tip and blade chamber , that occurs at the front - pressure side of the blade , and the intensity of the secondary - flow - vortex ; furthermore , the relationship in between the leakage - vortex , secondary flow vortex , cavitations and erosion are analyzed as well


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