cecil aldin造句


  1. He was influenced by the work of Cecil Aldin.
  2. Such Remount officers included the well known artists Alfred Munnings, Cecil Aldin and Lionel Edwards.
  3. At the suggestion of Dudley Hardy ( along with Cecil Aldin, a lifelong friend ), he studied art in Antwerp and Paris.
  4. Some of his students were Cecil Aldin, Lionel Edwards, Alfred Munnings, Lady Helena Gleichen, Frederic Whiting and George E . Studdy.
  5. On the outbreak of the Great War, he volunteered as a Remount Purchasing Officer along with his contemporaries, Cecil Aldin and Sir Alfred Munnings.
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  7. As an artist he is best known for his humorous stenciled prints, and hunting scenes in the Victorian style of Randolph Caldecott and above all Cecil Aldin, illustrator for Charles Dickens.
  8. The Kennel Club own a pastel painting by Cecil Aldin of two of Nagle's Irish Setters, the Field Trial Champions Sulhamstead Sheilin D'Or and Sulhamstead Valla D'Or.


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