cecil andrews造句


  1. Cecil Andrews Senior High School is the base of the Australian Air Force Cadets Number 719 Squadron.
  2. It contains a public high school, Cecil Andrews Senior High, as well as a library, a Sherwood train station.
  3. Other high schools were opened at Kelmscott in the 1970s, West Armadale ( Cecil Andrews High School ) in 1980, and Roleystone in 1983.
  4. By 1901 he was a headmaster in the WA Goldfields town of Boulder, and impressed Cecil Andrews, and in 1905 was made head of Perth Boys School.
  5. "' Cecil Andrews Senior High School "'is a public co-educational high school in Western Australia, located on Seville Drive in the suburb of Armadale, part of Perth's metropolitan area.
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  7. Players such as former Ireland Under-21 goalkeeper Iain Kelly, Cecil Andrews, Philip Duke, Colin Furphy, Clifford Marshall, Ivan Kerr, Alan Smith, David Hutchison and Kevin Ryan formed the backbone of Collegians hockey teams over many years.
  8. Bus routes 243 245 serve western Armadale and Cecil Andrews SHS, whilst 250 serves the southwest, 251, 252, 253 and 254 serves the growing area of Byford with 252 services terminating at Mundijong plus the 253 at Jarrahdale and 220 and 249 service Albany Highway.


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