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  1. Appeals for federal action by then-Gov . Cecil Andrus were ignored.
  2. Bradley was with former Idaho Gov . Cecil Andrus.
  3. Former Idaho Gov . Cecil Andrus sees a hidden purpose in delaying or preventing designations.
  4. Democrat former governor Cecil Andrus declared his bid for governor 6 months later in March 1986.
  5. Former Idaho Gov . Cecil Andrus has pointed out that the grizzlies will need a food supply.
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  7. She crossed swords even with such conservationists as Idaho's then-Gov . Cecil Andrus.
  8. But Bradley has the support of Cecil Andrus, a popular former governor and secretary of the Interior Department.
  9. They also mention that Cecil Andrus, a Democrat, is the only person elected governor four times in this state.
  10. [For example, at one small group fellowship meeting, Cecil Andrus asked Arthur Burns, a Jew, to speak.
  11. Walth ignores the courageous conservation efforts of Govs . Dan Evans in Washington and Cecil Andrus in Idaho, who served with McCall.
  12. Remember Babbitt's much-publicized " feud " in the early 1980s with then-Interior Secretary Cecil Andrus?
  13. Symington has kept the pressure on the interior secretary just as Babbitt used to keep the pressure on Cecil Andrus and James Watt.
  14. But Cecil Andrus, a Democrat who was then governor, vetoed the bill, calling it " the great terrain robbery ."
  15. Outgoing Gov . Cecil Andrus is an outspoken supporter of the drawdown strategy and said he was " extremely pleased with the decision ."
  16. Babbitt sought to head off then-Interior Secretary Cecil Andrus before Andrus made " a bad decision that will start World War III ."
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