cecil armstrong造句


  1. He wrote the lyrics for English composer Cecil Armstrong Gibbs's second symphony " Odysseus ".
  2. Vaughan Williams's associate composer, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, tried to persuade him to compose a new test piece.
  3. He then moved to the Bobbie Andrews and Gladys Cooper, with incidental music by Cecil Armstrong Gibbs and costumes by Charles Ricketts.
  4. At Cambridge he also became acquainted with a number of other musicians, including Arthur Bliss, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Clive Carey, Steuart Wilson and Ralph Vaughan Williams.
  5. Walter de la Mare's poem " The Linnet ", published in 1918 in the collection " Motley and Other Poems ", has been set to music by a number of composers including Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Kenneth Leighton and Jack Gibbons.
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  7. Lady Brookeborough died in 1970 and the following year, aged 83, Lord Brookeborough married Sarah Eileen Bell Calvert, daughter of Henry Healey, of Belfast, and widow of Cecil Armstrong Calvert, FRCS, director of neurosurgery at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.
  8. Cobbett ( b 1847 ), a lover and amateur performer of chamber music, had founded the Cobbett Competition in 1905 for a short form of String Quartet composition or'Phantasy', and for other short chamber works, prizes won variously by William Yeates Hurlstone ( 1876-1906, pianist ) ( 1905 ), Frank Bridge ( 1908 ), John Ireland ( 1909 ), J . Cliffe Forrester ( 1916 ), H . Waldo Warner ( viola of the London Quartet ) ( 1916 ), York Bowen ( 1918 ) and Cecil Armstrong Gibbs ( 1919 ).


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