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  1. The RNCM has regularly awarded a Cecil Aronowitz Prize for viola.
  2. Cecil Aronowitz was born in 1916 in King William's Town, South Africa.
  3. Together with clarinettist Gervase de Peyer and violist Cecil Aronowitz, he helped found the Melos Ensemble in 1950.
  4. Benjamin Britten wrote many viola parts with Cecil Aronowitz in mind, particularly in his chamber operas and church operas.
  5. Weil premiered the " Suite " for viola and cello by Arthur Butterworth with Cecil Aronowitz in 1951.
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  7. Cecil Aronowitz also participated in the premiere and first recording of Britten's " Curlew River " in 1964.
  8. His long discography includes many notable Piano Quartet K . 478 was filmed in London, with Benjamin Britten ( piano ), Emanuel Hurwitz and Cecil Aronowitz.
  9. In 1958 Wood composed his first published work : a set of variations for viola and piano showing the influence of Beethoven, which was premiered by Cecil Aronowitz.
  10. In the early years other players in orchestra included Cecil Aronowitz, Francisco Gabarro, Richard Adeney, Peter Graeme, Gervase de Peyer, Raymond Cohen and Alan Civil.
  11. He conducted their Introduction and Allegro ", played with Osian Ellis ( harp ), Richard Adeney ( flute ), Emanuel Hurwitz and Ivor McMahon ( violin ), Cecil Aronowitz ( viola ) and Terence Weil ( cello ).
  12. Musical highlights of the first Richmondshire Festival included a recital at Aske Hall by the Melos Ensemble, with Gervase de Peyer, Cecil Aronowitz and Emanuel Hurwitz, and a concert at the County Modern School by the Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, as it was then known.
  13. Instrumentalists have included Ruggiero Ricci, Mstislav Rostropovich, Dennis Brain, Osian Ellis, Cecil Aronowitz, Nia Harries, Roger Woodward and John Ogdon to name a few, and more recently euphonium player David Childs, cellist Kathryn Price, trombonist Mark Eager and song pianist Andrew Matthews-Owen.
  14. Graeme recorded chamber music with the Melos Ensemble, its principal players Richard Adeney and William Waterhouse ( bassoon ), Emanuel Hurwitz and Ivor McMahon ( violin ), Cecil Aronowitz ( viola ), Terence Weil ( cello ), Osian Ellis ( harp ) and Lamar Crowson ( piano ).
  15. He has collaborated with many other artists of note including the poets Seamus Heaney and Charles Tomlinson, the choreographer Helen Lewis and the founders of the Lyric Theatre, Belfast and written for performers including Peter Pears, Julian Bream, Eric Gruenberg, Cecil Aronowitz, Janet Price, Christopher Austin and Jeremy Huw Williams.
  16. Alun Hoddinott wrote a Viola Concertino for him in 1958 . " Variations for Viola and Piano " ( 1958 ), the Op . 1 of Hugh Wood, was premiered by Margaret Kitchin and Cecil Aronowitz on 7 July 1959 at a concert in the Wigmore Hall given by the Society for the Promotion of New Music.
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