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  1. His legal name at birth was "'Cecil Galeta "', but according to local custom he was more commonly known as a child and young man as "'Cecil Barnard "', his father's first name being used instead of a last name.
  2. Here McGregor was exposed to a different set of influences, during the day B閘a Bart髃 and Arnold Schoenberg, and at night recordings of Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk, and the live music of local jazz musicians such as Dollar Brand ( now Abdullah Ibrahim ), Cecil Barnard ( now Hotep Idris Galeta ), Christopher Columbus Ngcukana, Vincent Kolbe, " Cup-and-Saucers " Nkanuka, Monty Weber, the Schilder brothers, and many others who were active in the vibrant Cape jazz scene at that time, the mid-1950s.
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