cecil collins造句


  1. One Cecil Collins was Holyfield's first foe to punch back.
  2. I got beat by a guy named Cecil Collins.
  3. Cecil Collins rushed for 179 yards as LSU improved to 3-1.
  4. The Miami Dolphins are seriously considering drafting the troubled running back Cecil Collins.
  5. Cecil Collins, however, was busy with some extra-credit work.
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  7. While there he was strongly encouraged by Cecil Collins.
  8. DOUBTFUL : RB Cecil Collins ( ankle ).
  9. QUESTIONABLE : RB Cecil Collins ( ankle ).
  10. Running back Cecil Collins is the top home-grown player to sign with LSU.
  11. Louisiana State's top rusher, Cecil Collins, broke a leg last week.
  12. Cecil Collins'arrest on burglary charges;
  13. Miami running back Cecil Collins was jailed after breaking into a woman's bedroom.
  14. Cecil Collins McNeese State 5-9, 210 . . . Off field troubles a concern
  15. Cecil Collins is back in jail.
  16. Johnson's the one who rested his running game on troubled Cecil Collins'shoulders.
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