cell - mediated immunity造句

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  1. cell-mediated immunity
  2. aim : il-12 is an imunoregulatory cytokine that plays an essential role in cell-mediated immunity
  3. interferon-gamma ( ifn-y ) is a product of thl, cytotoxic t lymphocytes ( ctl ) and nk cells, and is one of the major effector molecules in cell-mediated immunity
  4. porcine il-12 ( pil-12 ), also termed as natural killer cell stimulatory factor ( nksf ) and cytotoxic lymphocyte maturation factor ( clmf ), can induce some cytokines, particularly ifn-, from t and nk cells, as well as enhance the cytotoxic activity of these cells . its most critical role may be to initiate the development of cell-mediated immunity by promoting the differentiation of th1 cells from naive t cells
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