cell 16造句


  1. Cell 16 disbanded in 1973 as well.
  2. National magazines such as Second Wave and No More Fun and Games from Cell 16 were published locally.
  3. Women's groups such as The Motor City Nine and Cell 16 took the lead in various recruitment efforts.
  4. Douglas Adams, a veteran guard at the state's highest security facility, noticed nothing unusual inside Cell 16.
  5. Cell 16, founded in 1968, was a much more militant group arguing that women were conditioned by their sex-roles.
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  7. The feminist group Cell 16, founded in 1968 by Roxanne Dunbar, was known for its program of celibacy and separation from men, among other things.
  8. Winkiel argues that revolutionary Roxanne Dunbar moved to the U . S . " convinced that a women's revolution had begun ", forming Cell 16 with a program based on the " Manifesto ".
  9. One of the foundation texts of black feminism is " An Argument for Black Women's Liberation as a Revolutionary Force ", authored by Mary Ann Weathers and published in 1969 in Cell 16's radical feminist magazine " No More Fun and Games : A Journal of Female Liberation ".
  10. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, a member of the radical women's liberation group, Cell 16, spoke about her personal recruitment agenda saying that she wanted their group to go out in every corner of the country and tell women the truth, recruit the local people, poor and working-class people, in order to build a new society
  11. The essay was published in Cell 16's " No Fun and Games : A Journal of Female Liberation " in 1969 as well as in Leslie Tanner's 1970 " Voices for Female Liberation ", circulated among consciousness-raising groups in New York City in the 1970s, and in other anthologies in the following decades.
  12. This antiparallel disulfide linked homodimeric protein is multifunctional and found in various tissues in various names such as : Uteroglobin ( UG, UGB ), Uteroglobin-like Antigen ( UGL ), Blastokinin, club cell secretory protein ( CCSP ), Clara cell 16 kD protein ( 17 in rat / mice ), club Cell-Specific 10 kD Protein ( CC10 ), human protein 1, urine protein 1 ( UP-1 ), polychlorinated biphenyl-binding protein ( PCB-BP ), human club Cell Phospholipid-Binding Protein ( hCCPBP ), Secretoglobin 1A member 1 ( SCGB1A1 ).


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