cell 18造句


  1. US Cell 18 1139 64.39 _ 3.11
  2. US Cell 18 2366 64.22 _ 3.28
  3. US Cell 18 395 63.68 _ . 54
  4. Cell 18 produces long form content for television channels including Star Pravah and ETV Marathi.
  5. Cell 18 ( originally The Cell ) was hived off as a separate division in 2008.
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  7. He later contracted pneumonia, collapsing in his prison cell 18 August, and was taken to the hospital.
  8. He continued his political and philosophical writing from Cell 18 of the hospital ward at the Jerusalem Central Prison.
  9. "' Cell 18 "'is a production house for ad films and part of the Network 18 conglomerate.
  10. Independently, Cell 18 has created promotional content for MTV India, T . I . M . E ., DHL Express, and more.
  11. As a standalone entity, Cell 18 has its own P & L facility and is allowed to cater to other third-party clients while continuing to make promotional content for the group properties.
  12. Cell 18 has also created Public Service Advertisements on public issues of AIDS, domestic violence, child abuse, polio, condom use, littering, spitting, and elections, which have aired on the Network 18 group channels.
  13. In October researchers reported that two children born with adenosine deaminase severe combined immunodeficiency disease ( ADA-SCID ) had been treated with genetically engineered stem cells 18 months previously and that their immune systems were showing signs of full recovery.
  14. It has collaborated with ETV Marathi for the kids'comedy show Aflatoon and, more recently, for the reality game show DNA . In its joint venture with Star Pravaah, Cell 18 has produced the Marathi reality show Bhandaa Saukhyabhare.
  15. In order to safeguard Anastasia, he put her in a monastery cell 18 miles from Scetis where she was allowed to dress as a monk and take up the life of a hermit; at a time when this was only permitted of men.


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