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  1. ( 3 ) detecting cell aggregate ability , and calculating the aggregate degree of cells
    ( 3 )检测细胞聚集能力,计算细胞的聚集度。
  2. In this paper , the effect of plant cell aggregates , oxygen supply and gas composition , broth rheology , and hydrodynamic stress on plant cell growth and metabolite production in plant cell culture was discussed in detail
  3. The extracellular matrix plays important roles in the cell behavior in vitro and in vivo . matrigel were widely used to induce differentiation of variable cell types . cultured in the matrigel , the cells aggregated together and formed tube - like structure
  4. Only on the surfaces with moderate hydrophilicity could the cell have a polygonal shape and spread well . on the control plla and the grafted plla membranes with high density of hydrophilic polymers the cells were round shape and aggregated with each other to form cell aggregates
    通过改变单体浓度和接枝时间,制备了一系列不同接枝量的plla - g - paam和plla - g - pmaa平面膜,并考察了材料表面不同的官能团以及材料表面的亲水性对细胞铺展性能的影响。
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