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  1. The microscope studies on the dynamics and kinetics of primmorph formation suggest a tentative mechanism that primmorphs are formed through four stages : amorphous large cell floe , small irregular cell aggregations , large primary cell aggregations and round - shaped primmorphs
    以地中海寄居蟹皮海绵( suberitesdomuncula )为研究对象,研究了mcp - primmorph培养中的营养需求,生长和增殖规律,代谢特点等基本特征。
  2. The aims of this work are to study the mechanisms for cell aggregation , division / propagation , and metabolism in in vitro sponge primmorph culture system ; and to further optimize the primmorph culture toward the establishment of a continuous sponge cell line . primmorph cultures from mcp were established using several marine sponges species , collected from china oceans and mediterranean sea
    本论文围绕海绵细胞离体稳定培养体系的建立,对海绵细胞离体培养的技术和规律进行系统的研究和优化,提出了一种新的富集海绵中全能细胞原细胞成团培养的技术adcp - primmorph ( primmorphfromarchaeocyte - dominant - cellpopulation ) 。
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