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  1. At the 2015 U . S . Open at Chambers Bay, Grace held a share of the lead through 54 holes.
  2. Chambers Pillar, River Chambers and Chambers Range in Central Australia as well as Chambers Bay, east of present-day Katherine ) was named for his second daughter Catherine.
  3. On his 21st birthday, Uihlein defeated David Chung 4 & 2 in the 36-hole final of the U . S . Amateur at Chambers Bay in University Place, Washington.
  4. One of Ladenburg's principal accomplishments in office was spearheading the development of Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place, a municipal facility that will host the 2010 United States Amateur and 2015 U . S . Open golf championships.
  5. After missing the cut at both the 2015 Masters Tournament and the The Players Championship, Snedeker, finished tied for 2nd at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial, tied for 6th at the AT & T Byron Nelson and solo 8th at the U . S . Open at Chambers Bay.
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  7. In line with its USGA tie-in, WGT Media has published a preview of the new courses that will be launched on the site in conjunction with the upcoming locations for the U . S . Open : Chambers Bay ( 2015 ), Erin Hills ( 2017 ), Shinnecock Hills ( 2018 ), Pebble Beach ( full course ) ( PUBLISHED ), and Winged Foot ( 2020 ).
  8. Today, the company s management portfolio includes Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, titled the No . 1 Golf Resort in North America by Golf Digest and GOLF magazine; The Glen Club; Desert Willow Golf Resort; Harbor Shores, site of the 2012 and 2014 Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid; and Chambers Bay, host of the 2010 U . S . Amateur and the 2015 U . S . Open.
  9. The update also introduced changes to the behavior of majors in career mode, which now alternate between one of two included courses that had recently hosted it, such as Chambers Bay ( 2015 ) and Oakmont for the U . S . Open, St . Andrews ( 2015 ) and Royal Troon ( 2016 ) for the Open Championship, and Whistling Straits ( 2015 ) and Quail Hollow ( 2017 ) for the PGA Championship.


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