change management process造句


  1. The Change Manager is responsible for the Change Management Process.
  2. The actual changes are made by the Change Management process.
  3. This is covered by the change management process.
  4. Integrated change management process is required to approve changes to scope of a project.
  5. The change management process is as follows:
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  7. One of the major factors which hinders the change management process is people's natural tendency for inertia.
  8. The definition or change of measures takes place in the Plan sub-process in cooperation with the Change Management Process.
  9. However, in this particular section the most obvious relations are the relations to the service level management, incident management and change Management processes.
  10. A CAB is an integral part of a defined change management process designed to balance the need for change with the need to minimize inherent risks.
  11. Change management processes should include creative marketing to enable communication between changing audiences, as well as deep social understanding about leadership styles and group dynamics.
  12. With a commitment from top leaders in an organization to change the existing culture to one of diversity inclusion, the diversity change management process can succeed.
  13. For example, if security management wishes to change the IT infrastructure in order to enhance security, these changes will be done through the Change Management process.
  14. Part of the change management process ensures that changes are not implemented at inopportune times when they may disrupt critical business processes or interfere with other changes being implemented.
  15. For electronic media repositories, this control is often facilitated using a configuration management tool such as CVS or IBM Rational ClearCase, in conjunction with a change management process.
  16. The " error control process " iteratively diagnoses known errors until they are eliminated by the successful implementation of a change under the control of the Change Management process.
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