change mind造句


  1. Change polls, change hearts, change minds, move forward,
  2. But Weisiger says he will do his best to change minds.
  3. SwisterTwister is not changing minds, he's alienating people.
  4. But sometimes they change minds, and sometimes they don't.
  5. The Republicans here are out on the streets working to change minds.
  6. It's difficult to find change mind in a sentence. 用change mind造句挺难的
  7. Writing essays is sending a message and, hopefully, changing minds,
  8. A few hundred million changed minds are only one plausible theory away.
  9. But no one gave any evidence of a changed mind.
  10. But they may not want to change minds too much.
  11. And they are realizing just how difficult it is to change minds.
  12. "It's always hard to change minds,"
  13. He always thought it was possible to change minds.
  14. The result changed minds, particularly Republican ones, and the amendment died.
  15. The community really wants to change minds, not just protest a store,
  16. Nothing I can say is going to change minds.
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