change money造句

"change money"是什么意思   


  1. The exchange rate will benefit us when we change money .
  2. Yes . could you tell me where i may change money
  3. No . you can change money also in some major stores
    不。你还可以在一些大型商场里(换钱) 。
  4. Can you tell me where to change money
  5. B : you can change money at the hotel
  6. It's difficult to find change money in a sentence. 用change money造句挺难的
  7. You can change money at the hotel
  8. You can change money at any bank here in the international airport
  9. Where can i change money
  10. I like to ( open up a savings account / change money / take out a loan ) , please
    我想开一个(储蓄帐户/换一些钱/获得贷款) 。
  11. B : i like to ( open up a savings account / change money / take out a loan ) , please
    我想开一个(储蓄帐户/换一些钱/获得贷款) 。
  12. Cashramspam micro payment is probably the worlds first small change money transaction system to be used on the internet
  13. During doullens ' " euro week , " residents can pay in french francs as well as in fake euros after changing money at local banks
  14. Ask the students some questions about traveling and changing money , and then bring out the topic : “ currency exchange ”
  15. After meal by roadside food stand , the three accompanying friends argued about the change money . this let the human remember the slang between , “ good brothers did accounts clear ”
    三位相伴赶集的老哥们儿吃过饭摊后,为几角碎钱扳起了手指头。这让人想起了坊间的一句俗话, “好兄弟清算帐” 。
  16. Foreign currency can be exchanged at designated foreign currency exchange banks or major international hotels . it is essential to save your receipts when you change money , because the receipt must be presented if you need to reconvert excess nt back to foreign currency upon your departure


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