change my number造句


  1. Marceau : I made the rule not to change my numbers for children.
  2. "There's a reason why I changed my number, " Johnson said.
  3. "Now we'll find out if changing my number back is going to work ."
  4. I changed my number to 15 because I think you're so good, "'she said.
  5. When Entertainment Weekly magazine asked Hilton last month if she kept in touch with the Ledings, she replied, " I changed my number ."
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  7. "I don't want to change my number, " said Turner, a retired pastor . " I've had the same number for 14 years ."
  8. I changed my number six, seven, then eight times, until finally the only people who knew it were my parents, my editor and my boyfriend, and still the calls came, threatening to mutilate me for what I had done.
  9. "The guy began a program of harassment by calling me at home 6 times a day until I changed my number, sending me flowers, and hiring a private investigator to look into my personal life, " she told Drudge.


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