character dancers造句


  1. In 1896 she married Jozef Kshessinsky a famous character dancer.
  2. He developed a global reputation as a brilliant character dancer with impeccable technique.
  3. Character dancers typically aren't as concerned with clean lines as other dancers.
  4. Only the character dancer Victor Barbee has been with the company longer than Jaffe.
  5. Blangstrup continues to work with the Royal Danish Ballet as a character dancer and teacher.
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  7. There are other character dancers appearing as various items and creatures and of course the Sorcerer himself.
  8. They often shared the Covent Garden stage, as Rencher was a powerful and popular character dancer and actor.
  9. "For a long time, I was afraid of being called a character dancer, " he admits.
  10. Even her malicious double, Odile, initially appears and disappears as a seductive mirage amid an array of menacing character dancers.
  11. Daniel Ulbricht brought the larger-than-life style and gutsiness of a Soviet character dancer to the role of Puck.
  12. Character dancers do not dance " en pointe ", and instead wear character shoes with heels or soft ballet slippers.
  13. Being a good character dancer means to have great understanding of fine elements of various cultures as well as having stamina and passion.
  14. At that time she became a character dancer and continued performing with the company until she retired from the stage completely in 1982.
  15. The punch line is the appearance of older character dancers in the winter section after Harrington is importuned by a jumping pest, Ransom.
  16. Leslie Edwards, one of the great character dancers and mimes of contemporary ballet, died Feb . 8 in London at the age of 84.
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