character data type造句

"character data type"是什么意思   


  1. Performs the operation using a character data type
  2. Set the length of columns with character data types
  3. Is a fixed attribute of simple character data type
  4. Maximum length , in bytes , for binary or character data types
    二进制或字符数据类型的最大长度(字节数) 。
  5. Maximum length in characters for binary or character data types
    二进制或字符数据类型的最大长度(字符数) 。
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  7. Character data types
  8. Both are simple character data types meaning , to simplify a bit , any string
    这两者都是简单字符数据类型(简单地说,就是任意字符串) 。
  9. To change the current date and time to a character data type , and then uses convert
    此示例将包含空格、文本和标记的字符串转换为类型化的xml :
  10. However , this behavior does not apply to all character data types across all data sources
  11. For example , you cannot join a column that has a numeric data type with a column that has a character data type
  12. Oracle has the concept of specifying a length and then specifying the actual storage size for some character data types
    对于某些字符数据类型, oracle的观念是先指定长度,然后指定实际存储大小。
  13. It applies to character data types and those data sources for which the collating sequence server option is not set to y
    它适用于字符数据类型以及collating _ sequence服务器选项没有被设为“ y ”的那些数据源。
  14. Numeric data is assigned a numeric data type , string data is assigned a character data type , and dates are assigned a date data type
  15. When character expressions are converted to a character data type of a different size , values that are too long for the new data type are truncated
  16. If a noncharacter expression is converted to a character data type , the default collation of the current database is assigned to the converted value
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