characteristic 2 type造句


  1. All groups not of small 2 rank can be split into two major classes : groups of component type and groups of characteristic 2 type.
  2. In the classification of finite simple groups, there is a major division between group of characteristic 2 type, where involutions resemble unipotent elements, and other groups, where involutions resemble semisimple elements.
  3. Finite simple groups of section 2 rank at least 5 have Sylow 2-subgroups with a self-centralizing normal subgroup of rank at least 3, which implies that they have to be of either component type or of characteristic 2 type.
  4. This is because if a group has sectional 2-rank at least 5 then MacWilliams showed that its Sylow 2-subgroups are connected, and the balance theorem implies that any simple group with connected Sylow 2-subgroups is either of component type or characteristic 2 type . ( For groups of low 2-rank the proof of this breaks down, because theorems such as the signalizer functor theorem only work for groups with elementary abelian subgroups of rank at least 3 .)
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