characteristic 2造句


  1. Quadratic forms and Clifford algebras in characteristic 2 form an exceptional case.
  2. Except for the fact that nimbers form a characteristic 2.
  3. Conversely, an antisymmetric form is not necessarily alternating in characteristic 2.
  4. This explains why convex polyhedra have Euler characteristic 2.
  5. Thus in characteristic 2, the determinant is always.
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  7. For orthogonal groups in characteristic 2 " S " has a different meaning.
  8. All of these have Euler characteristic 2.
  9. In characteristic 2, even this much is not possible, and the most general equation is
  10. When " K " has characteristic 2, there are no such Kummer extensions.
  11. One goal of this is to treat all groups in characteristic 2 uniformly using the amalgam method.
  12. These correspond roughly to groups of Lie type of ranks 1 or 2 over fields of characteristic 2.
  13. For example, the following are equivalent representations of the same value in a characteristic 2 finite field:
  14. Arf used his invariant, among others, in his endeavor to classify quadratic forms in characteristic 2.
  15. This antisymmetry holds even when the characteristic is 2, although with characteristic 2 antisymmetry is equivalent to symmetry.
  16. There is no table for subtraction, as, in every field of characteristic 2, subtraction is identical to addition.
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