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  1. Air Ecosse was a subsidiary of Fairflight Charters based at Biggin Hill.
  2. In 1935, the voted adopted a charter based upon the council-manager form of government.
  3. It received its civic charter based on that of CheBmno in 1257 ( see : Kulm law ).
  4. Sunsail has since moved its charter base from West End to Hodge's Creek and finally to Road Town in 2007.
  5. In a related announcement made on 31 October 2011, Monarch confirmed the closure of its charter base at Dublin Airport.
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  7. Pacific Island Air facilitates daily charter based transfers and scenic flights from Nadi International Airport to any resort in Fiji.
  8. He is decided to pressure Parliament to enact a new constitution to replace the current charter based on the communist-ear regulations.
  9. This assembly adopted a charter based on Antequera Constitution and also adopted the current coat of arms as " national symbols ".
  10. The settlement expanded together with the abbey, and in 1290 prince PrzemysB II granted it the town charter based on Magdeburg rights.
  11. This assembly adopted a charter based on the autonomist " Constituci髇 Federal de Antequera " written in 1883 during the First Spanish Republic.
  12. I think that the board in the past has issued charters based on political consideration and not educational policy reasons, and I think they are still so motivated.
  13. According to Portillo, there is an " excellent chance " of signing a charter based on " equality and mutual respect " between Russia and NATO, the ITAR-Tass reported.
  14. In 1924, the " Post " was the only Cincinnati daily that endorsed a new municipal charter based on the Charter Committee to power and led to the demise of political machines in Cincinnati.
  15. She is now run on a charter base by " Stichting het Zeilend Zeeschip " ( the Sailing Seaship Foundation ) and used as a sail training ship to give young people an introduction to the sea.
  16. In 1566 the town finally received a city charter based on the Magdeburg Law, which was later confirmed ( along with the privileges for the local merchants and burghers ) by king Jan III Sobieski in 1683.
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