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  1. Now Bonds will be stuck for the entire charter bill.
  2. On May 7, 1940, the Charter Bill sponsored by Assemblyman Tomas D . Dizon was approved by president Manuel L . Quezon.
  3. Jackson signed the Tariff of 1832 on July 14, 1832, a few days after he vetoed the Bank of the United States re-charter bill.
  4. The State Senate passed a charter bill on Dec . 2, as part of a bigger package of legislation, but the Assembly refused to go along.
  5. Under the final version of the charter bill, the state would authorize the creation of 100 new charter schools, and allow an unlimited number of existing schools to transfer to charter status.
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  7. He brushed aside questions about the propriety of linking the charter bill to a pay raise _ which Crew denounced as " absolutely pure politics " _ and of the Legislature approving the measure in the predawn hours with little discussion.
  8. On April 6, 1911, the Sanford city council passed a resolution to annex Goldsboro and on April 26, 1911 the Florida legislature passed the Sanford Charter Bill, dissolving the incorporation of both Sanford and Goldsboro, and reorganizing Sanford as a city that included Goldsboro within its boundaries.
  9. "This is a train that has left the station; this thing is rolling, " said Barbara O'Brien, president of the Colorado Children's Campaign, an advocacy group which helped put together the unlikely coalition, including conservative lawmakers and Gov . Roy Romer, a Democrat, that passed the charter bill.
  10. W . Caryl Ely, was in Albany when Governor Roswell P . Flower signed the Niagara Falls city charter bill, March 17, 1892, in fact Governor Flower was ready to sign the bill the day before, but Mr . Welch requested that he hold off until the next day, St . Patrick's Day.


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