charter boat造句


  1. And most charter boats have geared their business to salmon fishermen.
  2. But the charter boat captains say their experience suggests otherwise.
  3. Two charter boats were cruising the site when we arrived.
  4. Charter boats and water taxis already launch from the area.
  5. Charter boat operators have already seen a decline in business.
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  7. There are a handful of charter boats that now offer dive trips.
  8. It can be viewed from off shore by use of charter boats.
  9. Most offshore recreational fishermen charter boats rather than own them.
  10. Ultimate Lady is available as a charter boat to hire.
  11. Winton is later given a job on the charter boat by Andrews.
  12. Divers commonly descend and ascend along the anchor line of the charter boat.
  13. More than 50 charter boats offer sport-fishing trips or sunset cruises.
  14. In 1996, there were 413 charter boats allowed to fish for cod.
  15. He also said he was considering retiring and becoming a charter boat captain.
  16. There are two charter boats to go on to view the Murchison River.
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