charter cable造句


  1. WOTM is carried by Charter Cable in the Birmingham market.
  2. It is broadcast with Charter Cable on Channel 10.
  3. My Internet provider is Charter Cable DSL . Do I need an add-on firewall?
  4. The Dodgers'day game Thursday was televised by Charter cable, but don't get excited.
  5. WYOU currently airs on analog Channel 95 and Digital 991 on Charter Cable's systems in Dane County.
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  7. The City of Suffolk Media & Community Relations Department operates Municipal Channel 8 on the local Charter Cable television system.
  8. This was our first try at Video on Demand, Charter Cable's new technological toy designed as an alternative to Blockbuster.
  9. It is carried on local cable system CDE Lightband on channel 12, and Clarksville-area Charter Cable systems on channel 6.
  10. "' WKOW "'is the Charter Cable systems in the Madison market ( SD channel 7 and HD channel 607 ).
  11. It moved to the basic tier on channel 72 in December 2008 and has now moved to channel 11 in 18 counties on Charter cable.
  12. We have reached Game 14 in the Los Angeles Dodgers hostage crisis, and co-conspirators Fox and Charter Cable show no signs of releasing their prisoners.
  13. The building is also home to the studios and offices of Midland Community Television, the Public, educational, and government access ( PEG ) Charter cable system.
  14. Mustang News airs on the school's closed circuit television network, channel 97, as well as on Charter Cable in St . Louis twice a month.
  15. Founded on August 7, 1996, the station is owned by Bear Valley Broadcasting, Inc . It is also available to area subscribers of Charter Cable on channel 6.
  16. Nine North Texas cities are trying to collect about $ 4.7 million from Charter Cable, claiming an audit shows the cable company hasn't lived up to its contract.
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