charter change造句


  1. _Number of votes needed to approve charter changes _ 446.
  2. Protestant Church leaders also issued a statement Thursday against charter changes.
  3. Filipinos call it charter change, or cha-cha for short.
  4. Officially, Hevesi says he has taken no stand on charter change.
  5. Leffler said the law would make the Charter change unnecessary.
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  7. Debate on the charter change was to begin Wednesday evening.
  8. Debate on the charter change was to begin formally on Wednesday evening.
  9. The chamber says 81 percent of its members oppose the charter changes.
  10. Ramos backtracked after a series of demonstrations against charter change.
  11. Instead, they say they will approve the charter changes by acclamation.
  12. It is widely expected to outdraw the anti-charter change protest.
  13. After customers voiced their concerns, Charter changed its mind in June.
  14. In conjunction with this Executive Director, they approve any charter changes.
  15. Weekend newspapers reported that Ramos'top adviser is endorsing a charter change.
  16. Kansas City voters approved a charter change in 1998 to allow such investments.
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