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  1. Charter College offers a variety of degree and certificate programs.
  2. Charter College also awards an Honors degree for Bachelor's students.
  3. How charter colleges might operate is unclear, since there are no formal proposals yet.
  4. In 1918, it was one of the eight charter colleges of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.
  5. Charter College offers career-focused education in Business, Criminal Justice, Health Care, Information Technology, and Construction Management.
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  7. For-profit schools include Evergreen Team Concepts, Charter College, Lean Leadership Institute, Washington Engineering Institute and Washington Technology Institute.
  8. "' Charter College "'is a for-profit college founded in Washington, as well as an online campus.
  9. "' Grand Canyon Preparatory Academy "'is a public charter college preparatory school in Tempe, Arizona, United States.
  10. "At least at City University, I don't think the idea of charter colleges is in any way relevant ."
  11. With charter schools _ public schools managed by private entities _ firmly established and multiplying, some of their advocates are floating a new idea : charter colleges.
  12. Still, charter college proponents like Stephen H . Balch, president of the National Association of Scholars, would like to try the concept on some other campuses.
  13. While SUNY's trustees have made some progress in increasing administrative autonomy and accountability for their campuses, he said, charter colleges may help further those goals.
  14. In 1993, the CSU Chancellor and Trustees approved development of Cal State LA's Charter College of Education, creating the first such college of higher education in the nation.
  15. The example cited most often as evidence that charter colleges can work is St . Mary's College in Maryland, a small, public honors college that operates separately from the University of Maryland.
  16. But the idea is alarming to some administrators and professors at CUNY . Both CUNY's chancellor, Matthew Goldstein, and its chairman, Herman Badillo, rejected the idea of charter colleges for CUNY.
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