charter committee造句


  1. A charter committee had already been established, and Grove joined it.
  2. A charter committee was formed to draw up a charter.
  3. He was a member of the charter committee, and, with Hon.
  4. The most contentious issue during charter committee meetings was whether or not to have districts.
  5. None of the supervisors in Maricopa County has shown interest in running for the charter committee.
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  7. Prior to incorporation Edward MacDougall chaired the municipal charter committee which set the Town's charter.
  8. In 1924, the Birdless Ballot League joined with other reformers to create the City Charter Committee.
  9. Myers appointed by Metropolitan Service District Executive Officer Rena Cusma to serve as chair of the Metro Charter Committee.
  10. However, he also points out that a majority of the charter committee in Maricopa County likely will be Republicans.
  11. But after an intensive investigation, the eight-member Charter Committee rejected the protests because of a lack of evidence.
  12. Monday's call for the election also was the starting bell for citizens hoping to win spots on the charter committee.
  13. In 1942, Montgomery County Charter Committee was organized, which was formed primarily to circulate petitions to form a Charter Board.
  14. But the Little League's eight-member Charter Committee rejected the protests after an investigation turned up no evidence of wrongdoing.
  15. Seasongood founded the Charter Committee, which used ballot initiatives in 1924 to replace the ward system with the current at-large system.
  16. The task of forming the Association into a tax-exempt veterans corporation was assigned to four veterans who made up the original Charter Committee.
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