charter companies造句


  1. Kerry telephoned the charter company that was providing his campaign plane.
  2. Frightened tourists and islanders crowded airports and overwhelmed air charter companies.
  3. He said the plane belonged to private charter company Star Aviation.
  4. The passenger jet belonged to Relax, a Slovak charter company.
  5. Most air charter companies offer private air travel to this airport.
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  7. The charter companies involved in the controversy were not known.
  8. The delayed flights are operated by Nigerian charter companies Kabo and Selcon.
  9. He declined to name the charter company he worked for.
  10. The charter company is named after the region surrounding Timisoara.
  11. Zairian officials also cited the desire of charter companies to make money.
  12. The aircraft belonged to Antilles Aero Service, a Martinique charter company.
  13. Attempts to reach the Ukrainian charter company, Aerosvit, were unsuccessful.
  14. Attempts to reach the Ukrainian charter company, Aerosweet, were unsuccessful.
  15. The city is also serviced by 14 air charter companies.
  16. Seven small charter companies were also approved, along with American Airlines.
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