charter jet造句


  1. But an expensive charter jet service for movie stars and moguls?
  2. NetAir soon became the United State s largest charter jet company.
  3. The inspectors flew in from Bahrain on a charter jet.
  4. Management also called in strike-busting charter jets and crews from other airlines.
  5. The two missiles missed an Israeli charter jet carrying tourists home to Tel Aviv.
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  7. Charter jet operators were back up in the air several days before the commercial airlines.
  8. Sierra Pacific Airlines has operated Boeing 737 charter jet services to Yuma in the past.
  9. Pilots say work on charter jets is invigorating, pays decently, but can be taxing.
  10. Werner Rey was extradited late Monday in the custody of Swiss officials on a charter jet.
  11. The discovery triggered an FBI investigation and a lawsuit by Jackson against the charter jet company.
  12. The homing beacon, used to locate downed planes, is required on international charter jet flights.
  13. Then came one more costly flop : Its plan to launch a charter jet service called Avolar.
  14. However, in 1979 Pratt & Whitney launched its DHL and one aircraft is a charter jet.
  15. Dream Team III will fly in the Mavericks'charter jet during its pre-Olympic exhibition tour.
  16. It even offered a 14-hour round-trip / tour to Moscow on an Aeroflot charter jet.
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