charter law造句


  1. Some states have what amount to charter schools without charter laws.
  2. Minnesota passed the nation's first charter law in 1991.
  3. Or Massachusetts, home to an expansive charter law with stronger accountability.
  4. Admission to Da Vinci Schools is by lottery pursuant to California charter law.
  5. Some states are now tightening charter laws because achievement has declined in some charter schools.
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  7. Counties organized under the Optional County Charter Law may also have an elected county executive.
  8. Many states recognize the funding inequity and are looking at amending their charter laws, Allen said.
  9. The original charter law, adopted in early 1993, limited the number of charter schools statewide to 100.
  10. Since the first charter law was passed in Minnesota in 1991, 11 states have passed laws authorizing such schools.
  11. 29, New York's charter law, passed in 1998, dictates that enrollment be determined by lottery.
  12. Trump stated that " Distribution of this grant will favor states that have private school choice and charter laws ."
  13. The charter law bars the overt teaching of religion, as well as the conversion of religious schools into charter schools.
  14. The Walsh Act was the first charter law in New Jersey to include options for ballot initiatives, referendums and recall.
  15. Federal depository institutions, such as National Banks, or federally chartered credit unions derive their authority from federal statutory charter law.
  16. This commission was responsible for drafting Optional Municipal Charter Law provides New Jersey Walsh Act and the 1923 Municipal Manager Law ).
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