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  1. He also chartered trains to take LSU students to out-of-state football games.
  2. The special chartered train carrying the men up from Texas stopped at Casper.
  3. An "'excursion train "'is a chartered train run for a special event or purpose.
  4. In 1927, while returning via chartered train from the annual berth and injured his arm.
  5. Her father, Charles, a telegraph operator for the Missouri-Pacific Railroad, was on board the chartered train.
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  7. In 2003, the company held a national tournament on a chartered train going from Chicago to Atlantic City.
  8. Chartered trains can also be booked.
  9. With Genoa's international airport closed and regular rail service suspended, protesters poured into the city aboard special chartered trains.
  10. On August 28, more than 2, 000 buses, 21 chartered trains, 10 chartered airliners, and uncounted cars converged on Washington.
  11. A 45-year-old man collapsed and died aboard one of the hundreds of chartered train cars en route to Rome, ANSA reported.
  12. Expenses included a chartered train stocked with food, drinks, and snacks, and various dinners and brunches sponsored by corporations and associations.
  13. A rolling Monopoly game that started on a chartered train dubbed the " Reading Railroad " ended with a victorious national champion.
  14. The Airport Express has been requested to run a chartered train on that day to transport guests to and from the airport.
  15. In October 1977 he ran the first " RAR ", a chartered train with 596 passengers from London to Bath, Somerset and Oxford.
  16. Which brings us to Williams, Ariz ., where Kerry's 15-car chartered train pulled up Monday night near the end of its five-day, five-state tour.
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