chemical names造句


  1. Standard chemical names specify exactly the chemical structure of the molecule.
  2. :: A taxonomy of mathematical concepts, like giving chemicals names.
  3. :There is no " should " in chemical naming.
  4. Like plant botanical names, chemical names are exact.
  5. The chemical name of the new drug is daptomycin.
  6. It's difficult to find chemical names in a sentence. 用chemical names造句挺难的
  7. The company will retain the Lyondell Chemical name and be based in Houston.
  8. Sulfotep belongs to the class of chemicals named organophosphates.
  9. People frame their numbers with the Chemical name.
  10. Both are known by the chemical name paclitaxel.
  11. Furanone is one chemical name for gamma butyrolactone.
  12. Hint : Consider its chemical name, H20.
  13. He said the second test would identify the chemical name of the performance enhancer.
  14. A chemical formula is not a chemical name, and it contains no words.
  15. There is also doubt about what level of sourcing is sufficient for chemical names.
  16. Still, the Chemical name stuck.
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