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  1. The Newport Chemical Depot began VX stockpile elimination using chemical neutralization in 2005.
  2. Chemical neutralization offers another advantage : the possibility of mobile laboratories traveling to far-flung stockpiles.
  3. The organization is a loose network of local groups that generally prefer chemical neutralization to incineration.
  4. Williams'group advocates another method of destruction called chemical neutralization, but the Army contends incineration is just as safe.
  5. The groups typically are alarmed at burning such killers and are lobbying for chemical neutralization as a safer option.
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  7. Another four sites _ at Newport, Indiana, Blue Grass, Kentucky, Edgewood, Delaware, and Pueblo, Colorado _ use chemical neutralization.
  8. The Army then began a study of disposal technologies, including the assessment of incineration as well as chemical neutralization methods.
  9. A chemical neutralization plant was built on the proving ground and neutralized the last of this stockpile in February 2005.
  10. Congress also earmarked $ 88 million to test eight alternative disposal technologies, virtually all using some form of chemical neutralization process.
  11. The groups who filed the lawsuit Tuesday, however, contend the aging munitions should be destroyed by chemical neutralization rather than incineration.
  12. But in the brewing fight over lucrative contracts to destroy the world's chemical weapons, chemical neutralization is moving to the front over incineration.
  13. About 31, 000 tons of lethal chemical agents were slated for destruction under the Army's supervision, either through incineration or through chemical neutralization.
  14. In wastewater treatment, chemical neutralization methods are often applied to reduce the damage that an effluent may cause upon release to the environment.
  15. "Chemical neutralization is a terrific idea, " she continued, estimating that Utah's nerve agent stocks could be chemically neutralized for about $ 75 million.
  16. Next week another U . S . company with patented chemical neutralization technology will send one sales team to Moscow and another to Tokyo.
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