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  1. Reams of handwritten chemical notations and personal letters littered the floor.
  2. The current system of chemical notation was invented by Berzelius.
  3. Haworth projections are a related chemical notation used to represent sugars in ring form.
  4. The full chemical notation for these 209 possible PCB congeners is rather inconvenient, hence shorthand notation is widely appreciated.
  5. Is there an overarching, dedicated name for the numbers in chemical notation indicating quantity of atoms in a molecule.
  6. It's difficult to find chemical notations in a sentence. 用chemical notations造句挺难的
  7. It was recognised as so comprehensive that it was soon adopted as the standard mathematical and chemical notation, and is universally used by English-speaking people.
  8. Many other Wikipedia pages also have this text-to-next-line-drop with nuclear and chemical notation so it is a consistent problem for many editors.
  9. "Hooch " is a Canadian word, not derived from the chemical notation for the alcohol molecule ( C2H5OH ), as the DARE program tells young children.
  10. He always objected to the chemical notation devised by J鰊s Jakob Berzelius, although most thought that it was much simpler and more convenient than his own cumbersome system of circular symbols.
  11. He worked with Lavoisier on a new chemical notation system, and was secretary to the scientific periodical " Annales de chimie ", founded in 1789 . He proved that glacial acetic acid and vinegar acetic acid were the same substance.
  12. E . V . Krishnamurthy, P . V . Sankar, S . K . Sen, M . Ranganathan, and K . S . N . Iyer, ALWIN  algorithmic chemical notation system for organic compounds, Part 1, acyclic structures, Library Science, 2, 1972, 523  543.
  13. Also developed was ALWIN-algorithmic chemical notation system for organic compounds; this line notation ( using the characters available on a computer keyboard ) represents an organic compound uniquely and can be mechanically translated to a three dimensional structure besides easy storage and retrieval ( Library Science, Vol . 2, 1972, pp . 523-543 ) ..
  14. As a group, they are often referred to as the silver halides, and are often given the pseudo-chemical notation AgX . Although most silver halides involve silver atoms with oxidation states of + 1 ( Ag + ), silver halides in which the silver atoms have oxidation states of + 2 ( Ag 2 + ) are known, of which silver ( II ) fluoride is the only known stable one.


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