christian nation造句


  1. They mistakenly believe that the United States is a Christian nation.
  2. Does that mean modern-day France is a Christian nation?
  3. These Jews would not have died with any Christian nation ."
  4. The claim that America is a " Christian nation,"
  5. It declares that the United States was founded as a Christian nation.
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  7. Who gave the Christians the right to call this a Christian nation?
  8. Jesus didn't care one nit about creating a Christian nation.
  9. On the responsibility of America to be a Christian nation:
  10. It is a Christian nation, working with the Jews.
  11. They envisage a sovereign, predominantly Christian nation called " Nagalim ".
  12. Officially, however, San Lorenzo is a Christian nation.
  13. It was not founded or established as a Christian nation.
  14. It ended with communist rule over 10 Christian nations.
  15. They want to create the impression that this nation is a Christian nation.
  16. This is a Christian nation, but the Christianity stops short of redemption.
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