christmas attack zone造句


  1. It is revealed in " Christmas Attack Zone " that Elvis Costello was a tissue match and donated a kidney to Milton.
  2. Co-showrunner and executive producer Robert Carlock revealed to " Entertainment Weekly " that " Christmas Attack Zone " was " the big [ episode ] for us.
  3. He wants to try to be a normal couple, and she is afraid of that level of commitment . " In " Christmas Attack Zone ", the two get back together.
  4. Sassone noted that the problem with " Christmas Attack Zone " was Tracy's subplot " as it wasn't very funny " and the one that dragged the episode down.
  5. According to Nielsen Media Research, " Christmas Attack Zone " was watched by 4.759 million households during its original broadcast, and received a 2.9 rating / 5 share among viewers in the 18 49 demographic.
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  7. By " Christmas Attack Zone ", Liz has learned the meanings of body language through watching " The Mentalist " ( due to her losing the remote control to her television, thus being unable to change the CBS channel it was on ).
  8. Brad Sanders of the " Indiana Daily Student " said it was " a ton of fun to watch " all the subplots play out and considered " Christmas Attack Zone " as " probably one of the two or three best episodes of the season thus far.
  9. Zack Handlen of " The A . V . Club " wrote that " Christmas Attack Zone " was a " nice holiday outing with a lot of great gag-writing ", however " . . . I wouldn't put this up there with the show's best Christmas episodes.


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