christmas beer造句


  1. The structure came with the idea of a Christmas beer tasting Santa Claus.
  2. Also they have brewed several seasonals such as its " Yule " Christmas beer.
  3. What makes Kris Kringle a Christmas beer?
  4. The accompanying beverage is traditionally beer ( commonly either Christmas beer or lager beer ).
  5. In modern times each brewery produces their own variety of Christmas beer, mostly a lager.
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  7. There are jalapeno beers, pumpkin beers and Christmas beers that can include cinnamon and other spices.
  8. If I had gotten carried away, I might have insisted we offer Santa a Christmas beer.
  9. In medieval times, every farmer was required to brew Christmas beer or risk fines and worse.
  10. But that would have made this noble tradition altogether too confusing, because " Christmas beer " defies definition.
  11. The final event on Thursday will be judging the brewery's best malt for its 1995 Christmas Beer.
  12. He addressed the issue of Christmas beers in an article last year, acknowledging that there are no style guidelines.
  13. St . Feuillien introduced a Christmas beer in 1969, which by 2013 accounted for 8 % of their total production.
  14. And a key part of " drinking Jul " _ today as in the year 1000 _ is brewing special Christmas beers.
  15. Until recently, this was the only style of beer to be had, except at Christmas time, when Christmas beers become available.
  16. As of 2016, the brewery has an assortment of eight beers, including a seasonal Christmas beer and three low-alcohol beers.
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