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  1. In February 2016 Ys Chronicles II was released for iOS and Android.
  2. The group released " The Papercut Chronicles II " on November 15, 2011.
  3. :She is recruitable as a hidden character in " Valkyria Chronicles II ".
  4. :In " Valkyria Chronicles II ", Alicia moves south of Bruhl with Welkin.
  5. Many gameplay concepts in " Valkyria Chronicles II " are carried over from the original.
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  7. :In " Valkyria Chronicles II ", Isara is a hidden character who can be recruited.
  8. :He makes an appearance in " Valkyria Chronicles II " as a recruitable, but hidden soldier.
  9. Upon release, " Valkyria Chronicles II " received mostly high scores from several notable video game publications.
  10. McCoy and Gym Class Heroes released a new album, " The Papercut Chronicles II ", in November 2011.
  11. The game began development in 2010, carrying over a large portion of the work done on " Valkyria Chronicles II ".
  12. Character designer Raita Honjou and composer Hitoshi Sakimoto both returned from previous entries, along with " Valkyria Chronicles II " director Takeshi Ozawa.
  13. :In " Valkyria Chronicles II ", Welkin moves from Bruhl with Alicia to teach in a town at the southern border of Gallia.
  14. The two videos were first released on " The Urethra Chronicles II : Harder Faster Faster Harder ", a 2002 home video on the band.
  15. However, as the game takes place around the same time as the first game, it is a prequel to " Valkyria Chronicles II ".
  16. According to Sega, this was due to poor sales of " Valkyria Chronicles II " and the general unpopularity of the PSP in the west.
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