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  1. One 12th-century European encyclopedia devoted an entire section to a chronicle of events since Satan's fall.
  2. He also wrote a chronicle of events from 1499 to 1552, and sketches of famous Venetians.
  3. The first is the matter-of-fact chronicle of events, a chronicle which otherwise would typically have been written in Chinese.
  4. The rest of his work consists of various religious notes; and a chronicle of events between 1764 and 1789 written in Greek.
  5. The waltz's title was a chronicle of events in and around Vienna as the Imperial City underwent vast development through the years.
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  7. In 1142, Injong ordered the compilation of the " Samguk Sagi ", a chronicle of events in the Three Kingdoms and Unified Silla.
  8. According to White the historian begins his work by constituting a chronicle of events which is to be organized into a coherent story.
  9. Muir is quoted as saying : " " The Business Week " will never be content to be a mere chronicle of events.
  10. He left a voluminous correspondence, together with a minute chronicle of events in America, under the title of the " New Netherland Mercury ".
  11. It is not a " history of Middle-earth " in the sense of being a chronicle of events in Middle-earth written from an in-universe perspective.
  12. The book is an " easy read " according to " Lake City Reporter " publisher Todd Wilson, while also a detailed historical chronicle of events.
  13. In bitter, protracted conflicts like the one between Israel and the Palestinians, each side maintains its own chronicle of events, emphasizing certain details and omitting others.
  14. His chief work is his " Chronicle of events from the creation of the world to the death of Alexius I Comnenus " ( 1118 ).
  15. The publication contains a chronicle of events of the past year, discussed the major themes of the world, including economic and financial crisis, sea piracy, armed conflicts.
  16. For instance, in a special project  City in Graves, Stogniy revealed the archival materials of the war in Transdniestria, represented chronicle of events, and interviewed its veterans.
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