1. CIDES's proposed affirmative action advised on such a mechanism.
  2. In short, CIDES calls for more favorable policies toward indigenous businesspeople.
  3. CIDES seems to exaggerate the disparity as the prime cause of the riots.
  4. However, CIDES'stance in seeing and handling the problem has invited some questions.
  5. CIDES's proposed affirmative action not racist
  6. It's difficult to find cides in a sentence. 用cides造句挺难的
  7. CIDES used the obsolete terms " indigenous " and " nonindigenous ".
  8. Unfortunately, CIDES failed to announce the results of the dialog at the end of the event.
  9. First of all, why has CIDES called the gathering a " national dialog "?
  10. Maulani said after the anniversary celebration of the Center for Information and Development Studies ( CIDES ).
  11. The implementation of CIDES'proposed policy would likely create difficulties for small Chinese businessmen or petty traders.
  12. However, I feel that Irman has failed to respond to the substance of CIDES'racist presumption.
  13. Three out of four points of CIDES'policy recommendations stipulate that the government should favor Indonesian businesspeople.
  14. This argument, however, has been rejected by Habibie's supporters, including some CIDES researchers.
  15. Apparently, CIDES categorizes the actors of the Indonesian economy into two categories : Indonesians and Indonesians of Chinese descent.
  16. Unfortunately, CIDES launched the affirmative action policy at an inappropriate time since Indonesia is facing a serious monetary crisis.
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