1. Johnson & Johnson said it would stop selling Cidex in Britain from May 1.
  2. Cidex, which includes the disinfecting agent glutaraldehyde, kills viruses on surgical instruments too fragile to be heat treated.
  3. Weekday traffic stops here to unload employees who work in a nearby industrial park area, which is the site of the head offices and production facilities and of companies which include Oticon, Falck, Eva Denmark, Cidex, Formula Tryxager, Vangsgaard and Novo Nordisk.
  4. Many suspected the radar is a PESA, but during its brief debuts in the 7th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition ( CIDEX ) in May 2010 and the 6th International Conference on Radar held in Beijing in Sept 2011, Chinese official sources have claimed it is an AESA.
  5. It's difficult to find cidex in a sentence. 用cidex造句挺难的


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