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  1. Claude Allegre, the former French education minister, complained recently in Le Monde.
  2. Many students wore yellow-and-black stickers calling on Education Minister Claude Allegre to resign.
  3. However, French Minister for Education and Research Claude Allegre insisted the contracts be honored.
  4. But Claude Allegre's own sharp tongue could sabotage his efforts.
  5. Education Minister Claude Allegre said he understood the students'concerns, but suggested they be patient.
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  7. Former education minister Claude Allegre reacted angrily to Le Pen's words on transit camps.
  8. The students shouted slogans criticizing Education Minister Claude Allegre.
  9. Similar protests two years ago led to the ouster of Socialist Claude Allegre as education minister.
  10. "Claude Allegre hasn't responded to high schoolers, " group members said at a Paris press conference.
  11. The program is the brainchild of NASA and Claude Allegre, France's minister of education, research, and technology.
  12. "It's a horror what has been said, " former education minister Claude Allegre said on France Inter radio.
  13. Following last month's protests, Education Minister Claude Allegre announced the addition of thousands of new teachers and assistants.
  14. Claude Allegre told the National Assembly.
  15. Education Minister Claude Allegre said the government would ensure that Renault workers were not dismissed without other work options being available.
  16. Education Minister Claude Allegre and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, a former education minister, have promised to come up with funds soon.
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